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What’s Your Retirement Lifestyle?

Have you thought about what life is going to be like for you in retirement? Is there a particular lifestyle you’re seeking? Not all retirement planning is about the finances. Let’s look at some of the lifestyles that are popular among retirees and discuss some of the financial things to consider if you’re going to try to live out one of these particular living situations.

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Reviewing The Top Places To Retire In 2020

We had too much fun on this episode... Is the place where you’d like to retire on the Top 15 list? On this episode, we’ll review the US News & World Report’s top 15 retirement locations and share stories of past clients who made the decision to move somewhere else for retirement and what went into those decisions from an emotional and financial standpoint.

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Let’s Put Your IRA Under Some Scrutiny

The IRA is an incredibly popular vehicle to save for retirement. But are you being too passive about how you’re saving and investing inside that account? Let’s put your IRA through some scrutiny to see if you’re truly taking advantage of all it has to offer and understand its pros and cons.

By |2021-01-14T22:32:05+00:00September 17th, 2020|Podcasts|0 Comments
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