Investment Process

Our Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy is simple but powerful: Our philosophy is to win by not losing. At Skybox Financial Group we manage on spreads between up-captures and down-captures. That is, we aim to capture a greater proportion of the market’s up movements, while minimizing capture of down movements. We believe that over a longer period of time this method of investing will help investors keep emotions under control, thus keeping assets invested and avoiding capitulation. The core of our investment strategies is based on the idea that avoiding a market precipice is essential to success, because the less the investor loses during downturns the less they have to make up when the market rebounds. The promotion of growth in our portfolios is always important, and protecting against full participation in downward moves serves this objective.

Institutionally Based Analytical Process

Skybox Financial Group utilizes an institutionally based analytical process that reviews and analyzes:

  • 52,000 indices including MSCI/S&P/Russell/Citigroup. These indices include the coverage of domestic and international equities, global developed and emerging equity markets, industry sectors, and US and global fixed income markets.
  • Over 15,000 Mutual Funds are covered including open end mutual funds, ETF’s, and money market accounts.
  • 250 economic indicators showing percentage changes in various indicators.
  • 6,000 investment products including SMAs and hedge funds.

The Skybox Investment Models

The Skybox Investment Model is a rules-based, asset allocation model that utilizes technical indicators and asset allocation modeling designed by our research team. We do not predict future market conditions. Instead, we focus on understanding how the characteristics of the investment models perform given any market condition to help diminish down side participation.