Financial and Life Planning

At Skybox Financial Group we believe every relationship is different. No two families have the same goals or the same risk profile.  Your lives are complicated and require a customized approach to planning that brings meaning to your life.   To add value to our unique investment counsel process, we developed a customized, holistic approach to  life planning.  We take the time to mutually design a plan that is our collective roadmap towards your ideal financial future.  At the conclusion of the planning process, we will have clarity of your family's goals, how together we will get there and the risks along the way.

Discovery and Goal Setting

Skybox Financial Group follows a unique life planning process that centers around your specific family’s goals and objectives.  Together we review all assets—investments, businesses, real estate as well as liabilities and cash flow.  In addition we assess the current level of risk management—insurance and legal documents as well as all employee benefits.   We then define in specific terms (amount and time frame) your families wishes, wants and needs and assess their achievability by defining possible barriers to current savings rates and investment levels.  If your goals are not attainable, we will help you redefine them until together we are more confident of your family’s success.

Analysis and Recommendations

During the analysis phase we will work closely with your family’s team of advisors to fully
understand your unique situation in order to develop recommendations, strategies and solutions that fit into the plan and help give your family the greatest probability of success.  We utilize numerous tools and model the probability of success for each goal.  In addition, we stress test the financial plan to understand what circumstances could affect the likelihood of success and consider alternatives, if necessary. We then make recommendations that fully account for your family’s specific tax situation, time horizon and appetite for risk in the accomplishment of your goals.

Implementation and Monitoring

Once you fully agree with and understand our recommendations, we will implement the plan on a time-table that takes into account our macro investment viewpoints and current market conditions.  In the early stages of implementation we will schedule regular progress reviews that are designed make sure everyone understands and is comfortable with the process and make adjustments, if necessary.  Our planning process is ongoing.  As your life changes we will update the plan to reflect your life’s unique events—changes in family profile, cash flow needs, investment plan changes or as income and estate tax policies change.