Corporate Services

Our commitment is to offer industry-leading products and strategies to businesses who are seeking professional help with their employee benefits. At Skybox Financial Group, we handle all aspects of plan design, investment monitoring, fiduciary services, and participant education.

Investment Services

  • Develop recommended investment options menu (recommended portfolio)
  • Review fund lineup for diversified asset class coverage and recommend investment options to fill gaps if necessary
  • Prepare annual investment due diligence report and present to the retirement plan committee in person
  • Prepare investment detail report summarizing analysis of alternatives to funds recommended for replacement

Fiduciary Services

  • Draft and maintain the Investment Policy Statement (IPS) if requested by the Client
  • Provide updates on current regulatory issues surrounding retirement plans (Ex. Pension Protection Act, company stock, Roth 401(k), automatic enrollment)
  • Prepare annual consultant review documentation as required by ERISA

Fee Analysis Services

  • Periodically review and evaluate the current fees and expenses of all current service providers (i.e. vendor, third party administrator, consultant, and investment managers)
  • Prepare periodic benchmarking of service provider fees (i.e. request for information)
  • Prepare periodic benchmarking of investment option expenses
  • Prepare periodic comparison of the total plan expense to industry averages for plans of
  • similar size and/or alternative service providers
  • Request and provide annual fee disclosure from service providers

Participant Services

  • Provide on-site education for Participants

Administration Services

  • Draft a contact list for all plan service providers
  • Preparation of new investment option change communications
  • Review provider communication or draft participant communication for investment changes
  • Review provider paperwork or draft letter of authorization for fund changes